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On that bastion of important community issues known as the Brooklynian messageboard, a user named BrownStoneOwner has a question about taking her doggie to Prospect Park: "I noticed recently that whenever I take my frenchie and poodle off the leash in Prospect Park, I get screamed at by people playing soccer or cricket to put them back on the leash. These people are usually very rude and agresssive." But wait, there's more! (As if advertising your brownstone-owning status isn't annoying enough.) Not only are these people rude, but they're also black and Mexican.

Apparently you can only have pups off the leash after 9PM! My question is where should I start getting signatures and to whom should I submit it. Any other advice is greatly appreciated... I used to live in Portland and no parks had these type of restrictions. In my opinion, if people can be running around freely, my pets should be able to as well... I don't want to sound insensitive, but usually the only people who are annoyed and angried by my pups off the leash are Mexicans and black people."

Oh, how they reacted!