Jakob Lodwick has a black roommate! And a surprisingly funny post on the fake Nick Denton blog calls him out on how he might passive-aggressively promote this fact. In that post the fictional version of Gawker's publisher talks to the fictional version of Julia Allison's ex about cultivating smugness. But acting high and mighty just for having black friends and not drinking bottled water isn't just Jakob's beat; it's how all of us act. "All of us" means those of us who care enough about the world to blog.

We're not all white, by the way, even though we love a good race-based self-mockery like Stuff White People Like or White Whine. Some of us are "brown!" Ha ha! And we all know someone who is black, although all they do is joke about white people.

We are not those stupid wasteful Riches or Middle Americans or People Who Didn't Read Boing Boing, drinking bottled water. While taking a "time out" to charge our mobile devices, we drink tap water! Or coffee in a disposable cup. Certainly not soda, which I just reblogged about from my friend's friend's Tumblr. Ugh corn syrup! No wonder America is fatter than me!

In short, we are very aware of the good decisions in our lives, and we'd like you to thank us for them. You're welcome! Now reTumbl this please.

[Photo by Eric Lodwick]