The celebrity-media complex is so bizarre and strange. People get famous for no reason, or for the reason of being attractive and on TV, and the unattractive and un-famous become obsessed with them. Perhaps no one is more qualified to point out the nuances of the Faustian bargain celebrities engage in than Ashton Kutcher. Why is this guy a star? Sure, he's married to someone famous, but as an actor, the range he showed from Kelso to Dude 1 in Dude, Where's My Car? wasn't exactly Meryl Streep-esque. So his new show, Pop Fiction, tricks tabloids and blogs into writing fake stories. Zach Taylor, one of the hoodwinked bloggers, is frankly flattered to have been fooled into writing about the fake pregnancy of Avril Lavigne. And now I'm writing about Ashton Kutchner, and promoting his new show with a clip of Paris Hilton pretending to be spiritual (which we sorta covered, at the time) after the jump. The guy might not be a good actor, but he is good at what he does. Whatever that may be.