Last week Chairman Denton wrote about Television Without Pity, the "unfettered" TV review site that just lost its three founding members, a lonely one year after Bravo acquired it. Fittingly, our commenters (many revealing themselves to be multiple-site commenting addicts) had many well formed opinions about the heavily commenter-focused TWoP, opining at length about why the three favorites left and what happened, in a general sense, to the once mighty site. Essentially the same conclusion was reached by all, that TWoP fell to that oldest of internet stories: small, cult-ish site ("beautifully self-contained", commenter Colonel Mustard mused) gets noticed and keeps getting bigger until it collapses under its own weight, especially when it goes corporate. There are too many recaps now! Who cares about Samantha Who?? (No one, I hope.) There are soo many damned commenting rules, you keened.

Many of your prognoses were grim, based on the chief talent leaving, but commenter Crunchbird thoughtfully, if a bit cynically, suggested that the site was purchased for a more forward-thinking, pinko commie reason:

As far as whether Bravo was buying the "content" (i.e., the recaps) or the "talent," I'd say they were buying neither. They were buying the community, and the reliable and frequent page views that community would provide. They needed the talent to create the community in the first place, and keep them reassured through the transition, but they probably think it can chug along just fine without the founders now that it's got sufficient mass of its own.

Hmm. Interesting. The inmates running the asylum? Why would anyone ever let anyone do that?