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At last night's Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Justin Timberlake reignited some long-dead interest in Madonna's sex life by revealing one of her current flirting tactics. And while it doesn't compare with a simulated blow job, it may be more effective in today's health-concerned times. It seems that when Justin and Madge got together to work on her next album, Hard Candy, she dipped into her bag of tricks and fetched a liquid-filled syringe. And even though the injections in question didn't contain GHB or roofies, they did have this desirable effect on Timberlake:

"I don't know what you say to that, so I immediately dropped my pants. She gave me a shot in my ass and looks at me and says, 'Nice top shelf.' That was one of the greatest days of my life."

Alas, those needles were simply filled with B-12, which you'll recall as being Lindsay Lohan's favorite vitamin. Sigh. After that confession, Justin went on to not-so-subtly take a jab at poor Britney Spears by alerting the presses that he may have dated a few "Madonna wannabes" in his past, but it was Madonna's rebuttal that ultimately pleased the crowd. Never one to miss a chance for public displays of sexual repertoire, Madonna took the stage and line-edited Timberlake's tale: "Everything he said is basically true, but I didn't say 'drop 'em,' I said, 'pull your pants down.'" While she might be getting older, we're glad to see that Madge hasn't lost touch with her "Human Nature" era dominatrix ways.

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