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Incompetent superflack Ronn [sic] Torossian is a busy man. When he's not suing his former employees (another one, yesterday!) or calling one of those employees a "STUPID CUNT," he has to run his firm, 5WPR. So what is life at 5W like? Judging from the tips we've gotten from former employees, we'd describe it as: Shouty and unhappy, with a mild chance of being embarrassed by a stripper.

Among the feedback we've gotten:

  • 5W's turnover may be even higher than Gawker's. Some employees like to refer to "Fired Fridays." The turnover rate at the junior level, especially, is described as "ridiculously high." One former employee says "having a child would have been more pleasant" than her time at 5W.
  • Those who sit close to Ronn's office are subjected to overhearing "many rants and arguments."
  • Ronn forced his staff to endure "Q&A sessions" in which he "would simply talk about himself."
  • As the bad press about Ronn has piled up, members of his staff have asked him to stay out of the public eye. But, of course, "Ronn does not heed their advice. Ever."
  • On business trips, some employees were asked to stay with friends to save the company the cost of a hotel room.
  • Although reporters frequently complain about being driven crazy by PR spam from 5W, the company management's strategy has been articulated as: "bcc the shit out of everyone."
  • 5W's LA office, opened in 2005 to give Ronn a plausible identity as a bicoastal PR maven, is struggling. We hear that it's gone through three general managers in a year, and that its headcount is at an all-time low—fewer than ten employees. What's the reason? Besides a bunch of unhappy employees with no leadership, it could have something to do with the rumor that the office's management "condoned" a staff event with a male stripper, which was described as "extremely embarrassing"—particularly for the lone male employee attending.