Time Magazine is so with it. Their cover story this week is about Hillary Clinton. She's really important these days. They also know that in this post self-esteem era, nothing is more appealing that being self-hating. So for a special online feature (the internet is huge!) Time rounds up its all time worst covers. Of course, their choice of covers is a little safe. Those Asian whiz kids didn't make the list, and, for our money, they were totally robbed. Please send in any offensive Time covers that go beyond the "ha-ha, were so silly back then" ones they gave. In the meantime, our round up of their round up, with open captions.

"Boo Japan"

"Fishing Fills The Hole In My Heart"

"The Evergreen Blooms"

"Six Is The Perfect Number To Express This Trend"

"Print Will Never, Ever Die"

"Cocktails: You're Doing It Rong"

"Not A Conflict Of Interest"