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Despite heading back to work and getting his girl back, it looks as if all isn't entirely well in Owen Wilson's world. The NY Post is reporting that Wilson showed up at a private party in Miami over the weekend, where he was snapped attempting to dance across the water of a pool by a local paparazzo named Manny Hernandez. And while we tend to trust the celebrity over the pap in situations like this, it is worth noting that this is offense number two in Wilson's post-rehab paparazzo bullying file. As you might recall, he and Fotog Fighter king Woody Harrelson got into a brawl with the press in Peru back in December.

Seems that on a joint visit to their co-owned family shelter way down south, Owen and Woody launched a Die Hardesque assault against two Peruvian cameramen. And according to the report, Owen even masterminded a quasi-kidnapping. But even if both stories are bogus (Manny says his dog ate the photos), his rep did tell Page Six that he was, indeed, at the party in question on Friday, which was sponsored by a liquor company. Heading south of the border with Woody and causing a fuss at Patron-funded events? Seems even a repeat performance as the Butterscotch Stallion might be a better way to show up on the gossip pages.