Hulu, the video on demand website that could just change the way we watch everything, is, honestly, starting out pretty well. It has full episodes and clips from over 300 NBC and Fox titles (and some movies, too) with a much cleaner format than YouTube. While some of what's on there has already been defined as internet hipster zeitgeist programming (30 Rock, Friday Night Lights), there is also some delightfully random stuff, like episodes of St. Elsewhere, the medical drama that's responsible for Howie Mandel, and Exosquad, that weird kids cartoon where people actually died. Chairman Denton had me rummage around the site for a bit, trying to find my top ten favorites. Honestly, with as much Simpsons and 30 Rock stuff as they have, it's sort of impossible. But I've managed to compile a reasonable sampling of what this odd and varied possible murderer of television has to offer. They lie, not in any particular order, after the jump. Beware that some of them are long and embedding is not working for some reason, so they're just links. Sigh.