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Who was that tall hobo you pitied grazing the munchie section of Gelson's the other day? Why, it was none other than recently rehabbed Pat O'Brien, fresh from his stint in rehab for what he and his rep liked to call "problems with alcohol." The bright-eyed and bushy-faced talking head was seen loading up on Pringles and M&Ms (does he have the munchies, too?). However, when a fan recognized him standing in line, he decided to bolt rather than stick around to see what was on her mind:

"At one point he was at the deli waiting for his number to be called, when a woman recognized him and started the whole "Oh my God," thing. Pat wanted no part of it and just bailed."

Pat was described by the source as looking "painfully, painfully thin with sunburned skin - 'bordering on scorched'", which leads us to believe that the fan in question may just have been a normal customer frightened for her life, not an autograph seeker. If we saw Patty scornfully waiting on line at the supermarket with chocolate crumbs dangling from his salt-and-cinnamon cookie duster, we'd start in with the "whole 'Oh my God'" thing too. Good luck getting better, Pat. Next time you're on a Pringle run, we'd advise picking up some moisturizer.