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AOL CEO Randy Falco said the $850 million Bebo acquisition put his company in "a leading position" in social networks. Too bad his claim doesn't jibe with ComScore's chart comparing Bebo's traffic to social networks MySpace and Facebook, above. Where was "human computer" Ron Grant when Falco needed him to do some math? Below, more damning stats from Hitwise.

  • Bebo ranked 4th among a custom category of 55 social networks, after MySpace, Facebook and MyYearbook for Feb-08 receiving 1.15% of all U.S. visits to the category.
  • MySpace's share of U.S. Internet visits was 67 times larger compared with Bebo and Facebook's share of US Internet visits (among all categories) was 11x that of Bebo in Feb-08.
  • Bebo's share of U.S. Internet visits is down year on year. Share of U.S. Internet visits (among All Categories) to Bebo were down 23% last week and down 22% in Feb-08.
  • The average time spent on Bebo in Feb-08, was 30 minutes and 26 seconds, more than both MySpace (30m7s) and Facebook (21m0s). The average time spent on the site is flat year-over-year, MySpace is slightly down and Facebook is up 69%.
  • 22.15% of U.S. visits to Bebo last week came from MySpace last week.