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If you want to look just as scarily skinny as the likes of Kate Hudson and Renee Zellweger, the solution is simple: eat nothing but boiled eggs and water, develop a healthy addiction to caffeine and cardio, and devote your evenings to chain-smoking and reading Us Weekly on the john. The latest "news" on celebrity diet secrets comes to us courtesy of the Daily Mail, who asked a handful of trainers and nutrition experts what's in between the lines of all those helpful How Kate/Jessica/Reese Got Slim stories. And even if some of the answers don't exactly whet your appetite, guessing which celebs the so-called experts are outing is almost as much fun as biting into a Double Double. Take this nugget for example:

"One of Hollywood's dirty little secrets is the 'IV diet', in which celebrities check themselves into hospital to get put on an IV so they can avoid eating altogether."

Lindsay Lohan's multiple "exhaustion"-related stays in various asthma wards comes to mind, as does GurneyGate, both the original and the sequel. But the guessing games don't end there. Apparently an actress on the set of Cold Mountain only ate two or three boiled eggs a day (picking between Nicole and Renee is a toughie, since even smushed together they barely fill out one normal person's jeans), and another was so addicted to the gym that she wound up spending her birthday there. Despite the loony techniques, we'd still sleep better at night thinking Britney may be maniacally climbing simulated stairs at Crunch rather than maniacally ordering Cheetos and laxatives at the closest 24-hour pharm.

[Photo Credits: The Superficial, Inkling Blog, Celeb Warship]