New menopausal celeb ladywebsite WowOWow will probably never cease to entertain. 85-year-old gossip columnist Liz Smith is one of its founders; in an interview, she reveals that sex does happen after 80. Sort of.

"Actually I have had a little bit [of sex since she's been 80]. I can't deny it. I have had a little bit of sex...with people who don't know how old I am. When I wrote my memoir, Natural Blonde... I had a story in it about how one night I went to the end of my driveway to wait for a car. I was going to have dinner with Barbara Walters and she was sending her car and I was standing there all made up and it was dusk.

And a guy came up to me and said, "Do you know where the El Rio Grande restaurant is?" I said, "Yes, it's right here in this building. If you go right in there, that's it." And he was cute — about 40, 42 years old. So he went away and in a minute he came back, saying: "Would you think I was really forward if I ... would you like to come in and have a drink with me?" And I thought, "This guy can't really see me in the dusk. He thinks I'm some blonde tart standing out here." After all, I was all tarted up. So I thought, "What would happen if I went in there with him?" But then he perceived that I was not actually all that young. Oh, was a great story, anyway. It cheered me up tremendously."

Age, Sex and the Sometimes Single Girl [WowOWow]