We're loath to admit we've fallen behind on new episodes of The Simpsons, so we're extremely grateful to the reader who pointed the following out to us: On Sunday's show, after a fairly hilarious sequence in which Homer engages in an illicit affair with a gyro cone (which, for $4300, could basically give you all the unsafe satisfaction you could handle), the portly paterfamilias then puts a happy ending on his marathon session of rotisserie lovemaking with a trip to Pudding on the Ritz. His order? "One Butterscotch Stallion."

While it failed to evoke its majestic, sandy-maned namesake in anything but the most literal terms, the mention still gave us an ever-so-tiny taste of what it must feel like to make the leap from our blandly live-action coil into the glorious, bug-eyed bliss of the animated Springfield universe.