Remember zines? They were basically, like... personal, esoteric blogs xeroxed on paper, from way back in the 1980s and 90s. Critical Mass has an obituary of zines today. Cause of death: internet. But they're wrong! Zines are only, like, half-dead. (I even have one! On paper, yes.) There's a handful of people who still make them, similar to vinyl record enthusiasts in their weirdness. The Portland Zine Symposium, which happens every August, is still going strong. After the jump, a list of my favorite, current zines — and where to find them!

  • 'Zines: Not Totally Dead!I Hate This Part of Texas #7/Keep Loving Keep Fighting #7: The stories of two longtime New Orleans residents in the wake of Hurrican Katrina.

  • 'Zines: Not Totally Dead!Avow: Stories about gettin' drunk and fightin', basically!

  • 'Zines: Not Totally Dead!Xtra Tuf: A girl fisherman writes about her job.

  • 'Zines: Not Totally Dead!The Constant Rider: A zine about taking public transportation, and the hilarity that ensues.

  • 'Zines: Not Totally Dead!Emergency Zine #3: Girl watches World Trade Center fall from her apartment. Has been called "highly literate!"

    See? They're almost just like blogs.

    All zines available from Microcosm.