Jesus, I just watched most of the first episode of The All-For-Nots, and it was painfully boring. The web show about an indie band was produced by Michael Eisner, whose last project Prom Queen was trash. This time Eisner used the creative team behind The Burg, a clever and underappreciated satire on Williamsburg. But very little of The Burg's cleverness made it to The All-For-Nots; the new show actually seems like some side project they could have made to prepare for The Burg. Below, a typically fantastic Burg episode, followed by a decent episode of The All-For-Nots.

The Burg, "Hood":

The All-For-Nots, "The Critic":

There are some good jokes, but the life is gone. I hope writer-director team Thom Woodley and Kathleen Grace find a better project after this. Maybe the band (which is actually kind of real) is good, but Eisner is giving embarrassing quotes like "I'm now convinced they're the next Beatles."