After what feels like decades spent snorting wasabi and chugging live goldfish, time has finally clocked out on Jackass star Steve-O's sanity. Star reports that Nicole Richie's ex has been placed on the ever-popular 5150 hold popularized by fellow bipolar sufferer Britney Spears. Steve-O was sent to Thalians Mental Health Facility (the same place Owen Wilson once graced with his presence back in the Stallion's sick days) after emailing suicide notes to friends and allegedly putting cigarettes out on his body. But Steve-O has more than straitjackets and a daily rainbow of pills to look forward to; he's also been officially charged with cocaine possession, a charge dating back to when he assaulted a neighbor while high. We personally think Thalians should begin work on an annual yearbook, just so all these celebs who waltz in on one drug and out on another can KIT! and XOXO! each other after the misty water-colored memories fade. [Star]