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When we watched the last season of The Sopranos, we remember watching Johnny Sack freely smoke cigarettes in his hospital gown despite having terminal cancer and feeling completely indifferent. One more of Tony's adversaries going down in a puff of smoke was, in the context of the show, actually something to smile about. But seeing the cancer-stricken visage of Patrick Swayze doing the same thing? Frankly, it guts us. At this point, we're not sure whether to watch the last scene of Dirty Dancing over and over again while fighting back tears or to hop a plane to wherever Swayze is at the moment and personally pluck the cig from his lips. Seen here post-diagnosis, it seems Swayze just can't kick the habit, no matter how brutal it is on his body:

"Pals say he can't quit smoking despite it being linked to a third of pancreatic cancers...Patrick's wife Lisa, 51, is liquidising high-fat dinners as he is having trouble keeping down solid foods."

So Swayze can't keep down food, but he's still smoking? As, ahem, sometimes-smokers ourselves, that's plenty of incentive for us to quit smoking forever cut down a bit. And, as you might expect, Tom Cruise found a way to insert himself into the situation. Surprisingly, though, he resisted the urge to tear into a propaganda-laced diatribe; , instead, he issued this statement about his co-star from The Outsiders: "We are all praying for a quick recovery." Us, too. Put down the smokey treats, Patrick ... we're all pulling for you.

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