Commenter executions are fun, aren't they? We've got our eye on another few people who need to get the ax, for offenses ranging from sexism to plain old not being funny. So we'll definitely be doing some dirty work ourselves, but we'd also like to get you involved this time. Lately a lot of you have been complaining about "newbies" and whatnot, bemoaning the lowering of old standards that may or may not have ever existed. So, much like the commenter-awarded Party Pick each week, we'd like your choices for the commenters that need to go; the ones that really irk you, have offended you, or have never made you laugh. Leave your ideas below, and we'll follow up with a later post. Oh, and do make sure your reasoning is, you know, thought-out and as objective as possible. No personal attacks, please, or you might be executed yourself.