Things are so F'ed at the Times. First the buyouts and now they're cutting their late night shuttle van service from the office to Penn Station and Grand Central. The Times says increased safety around Times Square made the cut possible. But gentrification can't hide the truth: The internet age has made shuttle buses irrelevant. Telecommute home! Full memo after the jump. [via Media Mob]

To the staff

As part of our continuing efforts to reduce spending, we will be discontinuing the late-night shuttle van service that runs between 620 Eighth Ave., Penn Station and Grand Central. The van will make its last run on the night of Friday, March 21.

This expense cut is made possible, in part, by a welcome development: the increased safety and security of the Times Square area that we have seen over the last several years. This, combined with our move to the new building, which eliminated the need for people to ride to the Port Authority, has led to sharply diminished use of the van, and regrettably it is no longer a service we can afford to provide to the few remaining riders.

Bill Schmidt