Today's after-school special comes, as most do these days, from YouTube. Though recently 5150'd Jackass star Steve-O currently has bigger things to worry about than who's hacking into his account and putting these frightening home videos up in his absence, we certainly get a bitter taste of just what those things are after viewing this clip. After revealing a Winehouse-ian nostril dusted with white powder in the first ten seconds, Steve-O spends the next four minutes attempting to show us how to juggle in his backyard. But he's noticeably, uh, distracted, and spends most of that time ranting about the war in Iraq, all the spacial dimensions that go ka-boom, and saddest of all, ruminates on this question: "Who cares when you die?" The most surefire way to teach your kids why drugs are bad, after the jump.

Even after our third disturbing screening of the "professional clown" doing his act, we still can't figure out which cocktail of drugs to be scared of. His nostril tells us it's nose candy, the nonsensical musings on the Big Picture tell us it's medical marijuana, but the constant laughing at his own jokes tells us it's too many swigs of Grandpa's lemonade. Perhaps our mother was right and we should fear all three?