Streetwear Has Gone Too FarOnce upon a time there was hip hop clothing, worn by hip hop heads. As hip hop's popularity grew, that evolved into the nebulous "streetwear" category, worn not only by hip hop heads, but by everyone from downtown club kids to secretly rich trust fund hipster kids to skateboard rats. It's all a big mess! And all that crossing over amongst the formerly well-established, segregated categories of identity has inspired streetwear makers like LRG [via Satchel of Gravel] to do something totally uncalled for: create hoodies with built-in masks, in a misguided attempt at edginess that succeeds only in evoking the villains in the Karate Kid movie. The last straw? The newest one, featuring a wolf motif, complete with ears. Too much. Proof: These three mask hoodies, in ascending order of un-necessity:

The Friday the 13th:

Streetwear Has Gone Too Far


The Skeleton Man:

Streetwear Has Gone Too Far


The Big Bad Wolf:

Streetwear Has Gone Too Far

[pics via Format/ Karmaloop]