The second installment of our newish feature, Scrambled Eggs, comes to us courtesy of an eagle-eyed friend of Defamer, People Paula. But before we get into the contents of the clip at hand, we'll give you a quick refresher on what exactly makes a Scrambled Egg. It's a term we invented to describe those glorious moments that happen in television shows when a bored (or possibly stoned) editor cuts an inexplicable and altogetherly out-of-context image into a scene, likely as an inside joke for themselves. Got it? Good.

Now that your memory has been rebooted, we are glad to present this Scrambled Egg from Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother. As the Chenbot attempts to engage the castmembers of the 412th season of the show in some casual conversation while they dangle from some sort of unusual swinging device (forgive us, we haven't followed the show since the days of Dr. Will and Mike Boogie), the show's sleep-deprived editors make what can only be described as an unusual choice for a cutaway shot.

The best part? This isn't the first time that this has happened in the show. Apparently, The Big Brother Technical Difficulties Guinea Pig™ made a previous appearance on the show sometime last week. Keep your eyes peeled, he just might pop out again soon!

Feeling left out? There's no reason to, silly! As always, we invite you to play along at home; if you spot a Scrambled Egg that you'd like us to feature, please send an email our way and we'll credit you here on the site. So, with that in mind, please enjoy our second installment.