Samantha Power, the woman who was kicked off the Obama campaign for calling Hillary Clinton "a monster" is profiled in today's Times. Power is extremely sorry about her "inexcusable" and "hateful" comments and hopes that the world will allow her to move on. She says she's "resisting the urge to retreat from the public eye." She wants to be left alone to continue her national book tour. It doesn't really seem fair that she'd have her life ruined for a comment that's far tamer than what we hear every day from talk radio and the prime time pundits, but is anyone really going to persecute Samantha Power? Does anybody even care?

Power may have lost her job with Obama, but it doesn't seem like she'll have any troubles moving copies of her book. The article describes her as an academic rock star who's even got her own semi-notable love triangle scandal involving a Harvard Law professor. Does she really think anyone in the larger public will remember her in, say, two months' time. She writes about genocide. Genocide doesn't make headlines. She'd have to murder that lover of hers or call somebody names again for anyone to pay attention to her.

New York Times: A Monster of a Slip