Emily Brill is super sorry she posted Hud Morgan's pissy voicemail on the internet last Monday. The self-promoting socialite says her video of Hud's vaguely threatening call defending his relationship with seventeen year-old Leven Rambin isn't the type of "content I am interested in pursuing as a journalist and goes against the high standards of journalistic integrity I have always tried to hold myself to." Clearly, she's ridiculous and her delusions of being a "journalist" are laughable. On the other hand, I'm posting about this, so I obviously have lower "journalistic" standards then some socialite's blog. Whatever. Emily may talk a good game, but she's not taking the clip off her site. She's going to keep it online because of some nonsense about how "this blog has to represent an honest evolution of me." Hey, Emily. If you're going to be an asshole on the internet, you should at least be real with yourself about it. Trust me, I know about this stuff.