Perhaps only proving the adage that the harder you try, the dumber you look, the recently released trailer to rape-prevention spokesteen Dakota Fanning's soon-to-be-released Hounddog gathers three minutes of short-eyed, Southern-fried auteurist poetry in one skeevy bundle for your viewing pleasure.

This isn't quite the abomination we remember from Hounddog's misbegotten Sundance '07 premiere (the snake-scene outtake, for starters, does little justice to the sweaty, half-naked soft-core qualities of the original), but there's enough grindhouse appeal here to keep us in prurient thrall until the film's forthcoming July 18 opening. GASP! at Fanning's tree-humping prowess! REVEL! in the insight of the cliched Magical Negro! LAUGH! at David Morse's lighting-struck simpleton (donning a wig that makes Anton Chigurh look like John Edwards)! Fair warning: Robin Wright's plunge from grace may indeed provoke twinges of raw pity. Nevertheless, this is as close to a summer must-see as we're likely to recommend. [Via NY Post]