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Ah, the magic of an E!-televised marriage. With all those millions thousands spent, viewers tuning in, and smile-forcing cameras around, how could the union of two C-list celebs like Giuliana DePandi and original Apprentice lackey Bill Rancic possibly go wrong? Giuliana's recent ring-less appearances on air makes her the latest "celebrity" under investigation by wedding ring detectors, leading some to speculate that the two have each booked a coach ticket direct to Splitsville:

"Days since Giuliana went mysteriously missing from an E! News taping, she has filmed three new E! News episodes, ring-less."

While we are, of course, worried for poor Giuliana, especially given her last romantic disaster with Mrs. Romijn (aka Jerry O'Connell), we're mostly concerned with how Ryan's passive aggressive insults will change. Instead of making his usual jabs like, "Guess she's still in make-up!" or "Sorry the producers picked ME and not YOU to handle the Oscars carpet...better luck next year!" or "Giuliana's just a little embarrassed about being the only E! anchor unable to conceive a child," Seacrest is perfectly capable of moving on to Old Maid jokes or clever asides following every celebrity break-up story, like "So G, you obviously have a LOT of experience in this area...what's it like?"