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While she hasn't been caught with coke pants or knives (yet), budding leggings designer Lindsay Lohan has been caught throwing two tantrums back to back. Whether or not the allegations are as suspect as those made against fellow ex-rehabber and possible anger management candidate Owen Wilson remains to be seen, but the reasons behind Lohan's hissy fits are classic entries in the long history of diva freakouts. So what and who has driven Lindsay off the wall recently? Onions, and one of her best frenemies, Paris Hilton:

"[Lindsay] arrived at the Scandinavian Style Mansion soiree [and] reportedly threw a 'hissy fit' after seeing 'Paris Hilton Handbags' printed on the red carpet sponsor board. 'We were never told that Paris was part of the event,' [her rep] tells E! News. 'Nor did we know there was a liquor sponsor. She wouldn't have participated.'"

E! Online reports that Lindsay attended some gift bag suite party on Friday night, but anger ensued once she realized Paris' glittertastic bags were part of the swag, meaning Paris' logo was scattered everywhere. A source said the fright left her "grumpy" at the party, and she only stayed for less than an hour (only? How long should it take to grab fifty bags of free shit and jet?). But prior to the latest incident of Bimbo Summit Alum showdowns, Lohan reportedly started cursing and screaming after receiving a burrito with onions on it while filming a credit card commercial. The Daily Mirror claims Lindsay "threw into a rage" after seeing the halitosis-enabling dish, and screamed "I didn't fucking order this!" at a worker on the set. With two breakdowns and counting, how long will it be before she crashes the set of Living Lohan and starts pummeling through her secret compartments for that Just In Case Of Emergency stash?

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