David Patrick Columbia, who narrates the goings on of New York society, has a theory about the ladies of Real Housewives of New York City, the Bravo reality show in which five idiots wander around New York, destroying everything. These women are not Society, Columbia insists: "Socialites, yes maybe; Society, no. But then, it could be argued successfully that there is no Society anymore. Socialites go out at night. Society stays home." It's just like that movie I Am Legend, where the hero holes up in his gorgeous townhouse on Washington Square Park, while hideous zombie vampire creatures roam Manhattan. Society is aged and weak, as the socialites will be someday. This will continue until society has died and everything has been devoured. It's pretty grim. Though Columbia does demonstrate some appreciation for the socialite menace: "The Countess de Lesseps, off-camera is a very nice woman, and is also a Native American." Oh. Well, there you have it. [NY Social Diary]