· If Jonah Hill's movie career doesn't pan out, he can always headline mid-sized Vegas showrooms as Andy Milonakis: Insult Comic. [SNL]
· Mischa Barton's next project, the straight-to-video Closing the Ring, features the actress crying in an attic bedroom, wearing a period hairstyle, and completely naked. If that's something you might be interested in, here's an image gallery. [Egotastic]
· Heather Mills is awarded $48.7 million of Paul McCartney's $800 million fortune. We pray this is the last we'll hear of this, but suspect it is not. [Fox News]
· And finally, ladies, we ask now that you remain composed. Please keep your screaming to a minimum. Oh, fine—we give up! The men of Flight of the Conchords, almost naked in the pages of Maxim! [conchords.net]