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Regarding today's earlier obnoxious Craigslist posting for a "writer/lit type" with "social grace and great references" to help out with a veryveryvery important book launch: the self-consciously and famously classysassycool Accompanied Literary Society fits the bill for the event in question. (It's run by downtown doyenne Brooke Geahan.)"Emmy Award-winning author and architect James Sanders will provide an introduction to the night's program as we celebrate the launch of two critically acclaimed new novels, The Jewish Messiah [by Arnon Grundberg and Sam Garrett], and The Border of Truth [by Victoria Redel]... wiith live klezmer music from the Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar!" The date and time line up, too. Accompanied, we've got your number! (Click to see the flyer for this esteemed event.)