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The unrepentant bad boy we always knew was lurking inside Shia LeBeouf finally broke out for good today when, as TMZ reports, the actor failed to appear at a hearing for a pending unlawful smoking citation from Feb. 18. LeBeouf, whose previous, equally dire legal woes over trespassing at Walgreen's ended in dropped charges last December, didn't get off as easy this time; after neither LeBeouf nor his lawyer appeared for an 8:30 a.m. court date, a judge reportedly issued a $1,000 bench warrant for the young Transformers star's arrest. Alas, "unlawful smoking" does not connote the kinds of sordid techniques of our favorite underground smoking fetish videos. LeBeouf merely stood too close to the front door of a Burbank gift store with a lit cigarette — merely a gateway misdemeanor, we're sure, to the inevitable gas station, airplane and hospital puffery we know is on the way. [TMZ]