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The FCC has announced that it will hold a second hearing on "net neutrality" — the debate over whether broadband providers can favor some kinds of Internet traffic — at Stanford University on April 17 (PDF). We wrote back in February that FCC chairman Kevin Martin was considering a "do-over"; the FCC's first hearing at Harvard was deemed botched after Comcast was caught packing the room with seatwarmers hired off the street. Now, Comcast has to deal with a hostile crowd and Professor Lawrence Lessig, a strong proponent of net neutrality. Lessig v. Comcast at Stanford? Sign me up!

The FCC's Martin had reportedly downplayed our report of a second hearing at Stanford. A spokesperson said, "The chairman never indicated that there would or would not be additional hearings, only indicated that there may be additional hearings. No decision has yet been made." I guess you shouldn't believe everything a politician tells you.