It's practically impossible to make fun of loopy Post gossip columnist Liz Smith, because the outspoken, bisexual 85-year-old beats you to the punch every time. For example, when dining with former Gawker Doree Shafrir for her Observer profile, she managed to work some self-deprecation into her lunch order: "And refried beans. My life is refried, so why not?" Well, we can make fun of her for one thing: despite being one of the investors for new momlady website, WowoWow, she just can't figure out how to work that Internet!

"She freely admits to feeling "completely daunted" by the Internet, and [assistant] Dennis even takes care of the tech aspect of filing her Post columns. Still, she is savvy enough to know what she doesn't know. "I think the Internet is difficult," she said. "It's hard to use, hard to deal with. Nobody agrees with me. I guess I just don't know how to do it. I've had lessons and everything. I'm always going back to bed with a book."

La Liz at 85 [New York Observer]