Industry Standard: How Hot Are You?

A piece in this morning's Times concerning fledgling novelist Marisha Pessl caught our eye, particularly this paragraph:

...before the book's publication there was grumbling on the World Wide Web about yet another attractive young writer earning a big advance for a first novel. "It's not that I am mocking Ms. Pessl's appearance or writing ability," Sarah Weinman, crime fiction columnist for The Baltimore Sun, wrote on her Web site, "Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind" (, "just the publishing world's almost masochistic desire to let attractive packages, so to speak, dictate their buying guidelines."

Well, looking at the picture that accompanies the piece, all we've got to say is that the publishing industry is in more trouble than we thought. We've nothing against Ms. Pessl's appearance, but if this is what's meant to make the book-buying public sit up and take notice we're moving our money into mutual funds. Still, let's be fair; every form of employment comes with its own level of grade inflation, looks-wise (take blogging, for instance: In the real world you would lock your car doors when you saw us pass by; on the Internet, we soar to "just roll up the windows" standards); after the jump, we've provided you a simple chart of various jobs and where their avatars of attractiveness fall on the real life scale.

Industry Standard: How Hot Are You?


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