Crowdsourcing experiment seeks to dictate Leah Culver's love lifeWe asked which man most deserves Pownce founder Leah Culver's attentions: Googler Andy Smith or Flickr's Cal Henderson? In a late rally, Smith advocates won out. His 48.4 percent of the vote displaced the early leader, none-of-the-above option "cupcakes to face for both," at 43.5 percent. Now a pair of tipsters confirm Culver has, in fact, selected a new man. Has she heeded the wisdom of the crowd?

You kidding? Culver knows better than to trust you people. The Pownce founder's new man is Flickr's Cal Henderson, according a tipster who implores us: "Trust me. You don't get a better source outside of Leah or Cal themselves." Another tipster gives us this eyewitness account from the Future of Web Apps conference in Miami: Crowdsourcing experiment seeks to dictate Leah Culver's love life

I expected that Leah Culver story three weeks ago, since she was all over Cal Henderson at the FOWA beach party. In fact, it was so obvious I expected it to be headlining Valleywag the next day, not the Kevin Rose/Julia Allison stuff (which was barely anything).I don't know if any of you were actually at that party, but she was stumbling around following Cal like a little lost puppy, landing occasional kisses and tugging on his shirt to go out to the beach where they did who knows what. It was almost comically blatant.

(Photos by termie and hyku)