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Jackson West, reporting live (don't tell my boss!) from downtown San Francisco: War protesters have shut down Market Street between Sansome and Montgomery, with smug Berkeley Hills residents gleefully getting arrested. The cops expect to clear it soon. Police have shut down San Francisco's old-money corridor of power, Montgomery Street, between Sutter and Bush, but except for the private building security having upped the menace-level of their sunglass stares, it's business as usual — the House of Shields is already serving drinks. If the protesters were smart, they'd concentrate their efforts at AT&T headquarters on Folsom and 2nd, where stopped traffic could snarl the 101 and totes disrupt your meeting in Multimedia Gulch. That might actually generate some Twitters.

Update: All clear, and that was fast. Noting the wet tile sidewalks, scruffy entrepreneur Schlomo Rabinowitz quips, "They even washed the hippy off the street."