On Monday, a grand jury recommended criminal charges against 37 former members of Baruch College’s Pi Delta Psi fraternity over a freshman pledge’s 2013 hazing death, including third-degree murder charges against five of the brothers and the fraternity itself, WCBS-TV reports.

Authorities say 19-year-old Michael Deng died of a head injury in December 2013 after participating in Pi Delta Psi ritual known as “glass ceiling” in a snow-covered field. From WFMZ:

The ritual had Deng blindfolded and carrying a 30-pound weighted backpack on his back. He then needed to push through a line of fraternity brothers who are trying to stop him from getting through.

Police say the brothers “speared” and tackled Deng during this ritual. Deng, they say, complained about his head hurting and was eventually knocked unconscious. Deng was having trouble breathing but his fraternity brothers did not immediately call for help.

Instead, they called their National Fraternity President, Andy Meng, who told them to hide all fraternity items. Some of the men also researched Deng’s condition online.

Eventually, at least two hours after Deng was injured, police say fraternity members drove him to a hospital, where he then died.

The county coroner later concluded Deng suffered repeated blunt force trauma to his head, torso and thighs with the delay in treatment contributing to his death.

In addition to homicide, various Pi Delta Psis now face charges of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, hindering apprehension, hazing and criminal conspiracy, ABC News reports.

[Image via WABC-TV]