After Much Divatude, Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Baby-Looking Twins With The World

It's tough out there for a celebrity mom with a baby cover exclusive with People. From Nicole Richie's non-groundbreaking Harlow cover to Christina Aguilera's boobalicious Max debut, no glossy cover with a star baby splashed across it will ever compare to that of The Chosen One. Well, unless The Chosen Two follow in their goddess-like older sister's footsteps. And despite the fact that Jennifer Lopez received the heftiest payday on record to introduce twins Max and Emme to the masses, MSNBC reports that Jenny From The Block went into vintage diva mode both prior to the shoot and throughout the painful session:

"'There were some surprising demands this time around though,' said one source. Among them, it's Jennifer now, and not J.Lo, a point that has been brought up in recent weeks. 'J.Lo' was from her Puffy and Ben Affleck days — she's in a different place now."

According to MSNBC's source, the family insisted that "budding photographer" Marc Anthony take the pictures himself. We suppose when your film career and famous husband career aren't exactly turning you into George Clooney, photography is a wise back-up plan when Lopez inevitably wakes up one day, rolls over to see Marc's cheekbone-dominated mug, and has her "What was I thinking?" moment. At the very least, he'll have his new point-and-shoot skills to fall back on, transforming himself into a celebrity bar/bat mitzvah photographer. Plus, for all three of you who remember, Anthony owed the state of NY $2.5 million in taxes. After tidying up that pricey mess from last year, he'll no doubt cover any repeat tax-related problems with whatever's left from their $6 million People payday. But despite all the alleged diva drama on set, we have to admit that those kids are cute. We have no doubt they'll soon be shaking their diapered booties on some J. Lo—uh, Jennifer Lopez-produced MTV reality dance show in no time.

[Photo Credit: People]