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We've long believed that of all of Mr. T's deeply subversive acting work of the '80s, nothing demands a more serious reappraisal through the prism of contemporary social issues than The A-Team. Especially an A-Team directed by John Singleton, whom Fox has nabbed for its feature-length adaptation to open in summer 2009. Alas, with the updating reportedly focusing on a group of Iraq War veterans railroaded for a crime they didn't commit, Singleton requires a kinder, gentler, less gold-plated 'Nam vet anti-hero B.A. Baracus to carpool his batch of mercenaries in that famous black van.

Longtime Singleton cohort Ice Cube is the natural choice for the job, but at 38, is he too old? Woody Harrelson has likewise been rumored to sign on as Baracus' fool nemesis Howlin' Mad Murdock; that'll never happen. We'd rather see the races and roles reversed, actually, perhaps with an especially loco Tracy Morgan taunting Ryan Gosling's brooding, post-traumatic-stress-addled Murdock, with their nurturing mentor Hannibal Smith, played by a begloved Alec Baldwin, philosophizing over cheap cigars and the glory days of the first Iraq War. Surely Luke Wilson can clear space in his schedule for a postmodern turn as smooth operator Faceman. The short-lived journalist Amy Allen could stand to make a revival as well — perhaps Winona Ryder can bring her refurbished CVS Drama School gifts to the formidable boy's club, assuming she can avoid community service.