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What would happen if the douchey Entourage cast all took a bunch of 'shrooms and headed out to the desert to "find themselves?" According to, we'll soon learn. As creator Doug Ellin puts it, "The boys trek to Mexico and Joshua Tree National Park...they'll eat some psychedelic mushrooms...It's one of my favorite episodes. It's their Into the Wild trip." But as any fan of psychedelics knows, the concept of putting four man-children out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but widened minds to entertain themselves can only lead to (further) homoeroticsm and cannibalism. Our hallucinogenic fever-vision after the jump:

Under the influence, we could easily see Vince stripping down to his boxer briefs, coming across a curvy cactus, and mistaking it for long-lost love Mandy Moore. A tearful embrace will ensue, leaving Vince shredded and bloody after Prickly Mandy's thorny rejection. As for Eric, we predict his height complex will disappear as he begins to feel ten feet tall. He will attempt to climb the 5,000 foot-high Ryan Mountain barefoot (to feel at one with the terrain), and fingers crossed, fall to his death. Crew sherpa Drama will abandon the gang after spotting a bikini-clad casting director on the trails. Though it hasn't been confirmed that Ari will tag along, we would enjoy a scene in which he hugs it out with Turtle before devouring his plump limbs. We've been waiting for a Rex Lee spinoff anyway.