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Would you read a tell-all book from two former concierges at Chicago's upscale Four Seasons Hotel? Well, you can't: Random House/Three Rivers Press has canceled Great Reservations: Two Concierges Dish About Outrageous Requests, Celebrity Encounters, and Guests Behaving Badly at a Luxury Hotel. For making it all up? No, it's because they were "legally banned" from writing about said experiences by signing a confidentiality agreement with their former employer. Gotta read the fine print, gals! (The book had "anecdotes on such celebrities as Madonna (who had a 'phobialike aversion' to air conditioning) and Sir Anthony Hopkins," reports the AP.)

Publishers Weekly called it "entertaining, light fare," adding that that "[authors] Hart and Callahan claim to have 'often felt a little like Lucy and Ethel in the I Love Lucy episode in which the women land assembly-line jobs.... The difference in our case was that we had to smile and make eye contact.'"

"The authors also offer tips for travelers like how to get quality treatment (snipping off a button before you send down dry cleaning or leaving some cash in a pocket will imply to employees you may be a "spotter," an undercover hotel inspector) and warnings that one should bring disinfectant wipes for those room objects "cleaned infrequently," like clock radios and telephone headsets."

Good to know, in any case.

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