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We love the fact that Michael Eisner, the former Disney CEO and once one of the most feared men in the media business, was reduced to staking his claim for media influence with only his shitty little chat show on CNBC. It's almost as satisfying as when former New Yorker editor and dressed up gossip hound Tina Brown had to stake her claim for influence with a shitty little chat show on CNBC. Fantastic schadenfreude for the unsuccessful masses. In Eisner's latest hard-hitting, needle-moving interview, he tracks down designer Vera Wang and gets the scoop on her Olympic ice skating dreams, and her thoughts on wedding dresses. Hey Mike, work like this is why they RE-broadcast you at midnight!

MICHAEL EISNER: How old were you when you started skating?

VERA WANG:I was probably about seven when I started competitive skating.

MICHAEL EISNER:And when did you retire?

VERA WANG:I retired when I was 19.

MICHAEL EISNER:And this was your life?

VERA WANG:This was my entire life. I skated seven days a week, probably every day of the year.

MICHAEL EISNER:And your goal was to make the Olympics?

VERA WANG:My goal was to represent the United States and, you know, see our flag go up— at the Olympic games, yes. And I failed. (LAUGHTER) Like I failed at many other things. That was just the first failure.


MICHAEL EISNER:what would be the most expensive wedding dress that anybody's ever spent? I don't wanna—

VERA WANG:Think probably the most expensive— dress I have ever been done was a dress that—actually didn't get worn at the wedding but was— Jennifer Lopez's first engagement. Engagement, wow, it's really— her— yes, it was her engagement to Ben Affleck.

MICHAEL EISNER:And she never wore it?

VERA WANG:No. But that was a dress that probably—

MICHAEL EISNER:Did she (UNINTEL) back to you?

VERA WANG:—was the most expensive (LAUGHTER) dress. I mean, every (UNINTEL) of it was a couture fabric. And I mean, I think all in all, there were 18 tiers. So, it was really probably far and away, the most expensive and time-consuming to sew and—

MICHAEL EISNER:So, we'll have to put her in a movie where she marries somebody, so we—


MICHAEL EISNER:—can put the dress on her.

VERA WANG:Absolutely.


VERA WANG:Absolutely for Jennifer, yeah.