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Larry Flynt is willing to pay Ashley Alexandra Dupré — the call girl who had something to do with what's-his-name from New York — $1 million to pose for Hustler. Imagine how much the Orlando Sentinel's website would have made from publishing Dupré's Girls Gone Wild photos back when Britney Spears hadn't yet made her cameo on CBS and Dupre still dominated the news cycle. With the right timing, it would have been bigger than Lindsay Lohan taking it of for New York magazine. But the Sentinel's loss can be your gain, "semantic Web" startups. The newspaper obviously blew it. The reason?

Poor photo-search technology, obviously. If only it had spent millions of dollars laboriously tagging its morgue with metadata! That's exactly the kind of service one semantic Web success, SchemaLogic, provides for the Associated Press. Before, we all wished you'd stop telling us how the Semantic Web was Web 3.0. Now you can make your case with Ashley Dupré nude pictures — and we're all listening.