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Confidantes of Jimmy Wales — like his close friend Sue Gardner, the executive director of his Wikipedia nonprofit — like to portray him as a sensitive soul, easily scarred by all the attention his misdeeds have generated. But the truth? Wales loves it when people talk trash about him. He couldn't wait for Valleywag to out him as Silicon Valley's Casanova. And he's even figured out a way to make money from it. Wikia, his for-profit startup, owns Uncyclopedia, a through-the-looking-glass parody of Wikipedia. The entry on Wales is scathing. It begins:

Jimbo Wales, Prince of the United States is a well-known huckster, con-man and dictator of Wikiland, who has adopted a lifestyle of libertinage, debauchery, nudism, international travel, kitten huffing and Ferrari connoisseurship by standing on the shoulders of a million nerds.

Funny. And surprisingly accurate, compared to his Wikipedia entry. Right now, there's one lonely ad at the bottom of the page, but surely Wales will be adding more soon.