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Gary Vaynerchuk, host of WineLibraryTV, thinks the tech world of 2008 has a lot of similarities to the hip-hop world of 1985. I'm not sure if his comparison of Robert Scoble to Russell Simmons is quite right, but he does make an interesting point: "This is the National Anthem in a 18-inning baseball game." As today's tech-savvy tweens and teenagers grow up, tech and new ways to communicate will be embraced more and more by the mainstream. Just as SMS messaging, social networks and video sharing have exploded in recent years, there will be new technologies that we haven't thought up yet. Will Scoble be at the forefront? I doubt it. Will the live, mobile video broadcasts that Scoble is boring us with become much more mainstream? Absolutely — and just like Google figured out search, someone will figure out how to make money from it. Have a look at Vaynerchuk's video after the jump.