In which, during an interview for EW, the quirky downtown actress's little Gracie attacks the reporter, making her feel uncomfortable, while Parker prattles blithely on: "Is [Gracie] playing hair salon? She plays hair salon..." The poor reporter isn't sure how to get out of this uncomfortable situation...

[At this point, we've moved to the car, where Gracie jumps on my lap and starts aggressively gnawing my hair. It's awkward.]

EW: Oh, ouch. I guess she likes my ponytail.

Posey: Oh, is she playing hair salon? She plays hair salon. So cute. [Leans over to the dog and dons a sweet, coddling voice] ''Yeah, you playin' hair salon, Gracie? Come on, littles!'' Doesn't that feel amazing? Oh, look at her little tail right there. She's so soft, too! Do you have a camera on you?

EW: No, I lost my cell phone recently that had a camera. [The dog is still chewing on my hair]

Posey: You did? It's happening a lot now. Like I said, I lost my phone seven times in the past two months. I just think, We don't want all this stuff anymore. We don't want computers and cell phones. It's so addictive and it's just like eeeeeechhhh.

EW: Q&A: Posey Outlook