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Lifecasting site has come a long way since banning a broadcaster for one night of indecent exposure — that is, sexual acts. There may be less porn now, but other illegal content now graces's servers. Right now I'm watching a stream of Fox Sports Net West's broadcast of the San Diego Padres playing the Los Angeles Angels. Last night, more than 2,000 people watched the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers play. Given Major League Baseball's draconian online reporting rules — no more than seven photos from any game; audio and video clips can be a maximum of two minutes and can't be streamed live — we doubt the MLB is happy about this.

You can read others' "exclusive" posts with lots of fantastic-sounding statistics about how well is doing. Short version: the site has 57 years worth of video that no one will ever watch in its archives. Too bad those bloggers didn't bother to count the hours of improperly streamed videos. We suspect investors and potential advertisers, not to mention MLB and NBA attorneys, would be a lot more interested in that figure.