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Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer has apparently hired Sard Verbinnen & Co. to help him with his bountiful PR needs. Anna Cordasco, a managing director at the firm, was quoted in the Post today as a spokesperson for Spitzer. Sard, as the agency is referred to in a shorthand that annoys co-founder Paul Verbinnen to no end, is one of the top three agencies of its type in the country. Its type being, specialists in high level business-focused PR, as well as crises. They are a major player in financial PR and M&A work, but they also handle lots of different media clients, and crisis work that you often never even hear about. They're very calculating, reserved, and, to use a cliche, strategic. Also, very expensive. They'll probably do a good job for Spitzer—they're not the type to leak, unless they have a good reason. Much of their work will doubtless involve keeping Spitzer out of the news, to the extent they can, until things blow over a bit and they can help relaunch him on some carefully selected positive-looking projects. And, of course, avoiding Choire Sicha's questions. [NYO/ NYP]