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Folio Weekly, the alt-weekly in Jacksonville, Florida (where I used to work), ran a story this month about the BDSM scene in Jacksonville. Their reporting on sexual practices that are not licensed by the Baptist church outraged a Jacksonville City Councilman, naturally, and he's made a formal call for the city to remove all of Folio's distribution boxes from its property. Which the city is seriously considering. The righteous councilman reasons that children go to libraries, and what's to prevent them from picking up this article and turning into whip-wielding kink fiends? And the worst part is he was actually forced to read the blasphemous article—slowly, no doubt—in order to know what the god-fearing citizens are up against! From his letter to the mayor:

The article also explains, in-depth, the details of a stage show performed at a local nightclub in which sexual acts and abuse are graphically simulated, and speaks of the audience members "...groping each other..."

Here is more (edited for content), taken directly from the article:

Page 17 - A man's [genitalia] is pierced with a ring

Page 18 - Bigamy and [male anatomy]

Page 20 - References the nightclub show in which sexual acts and abuse are simulated

Page 21 - Graphic, specific language about a man's preferences of sadomasochistic acts

Children are encouraged to visit our city's libraries and most, if not all, City-buildings are accessible to the general public, which includes children. This publication has now been out for over 2 days, and what has prevented a child from picking it up and reading the article, looking at the photos, or also seeing scantily clad women in advertisements on pages 3 and 59?

Thanks for reminding me why I moved, Councilman Clay Yarborough!

[via the Flog]